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Nitrogen vs Air For Tires

If you're a serious driver, you've likely come across the nitrogen versus air debate regarding your tires. While it might sound a little ridiculous at first, there are reasons to consider putting nitrogen in your tires instead of air. Nitrogen vs Air For Tires Let's begin at the beginning. The air we breathe, and which we [...]

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Cool Wave Car Wash Has A Cool New Look!

Now that it is spring, I bet the yellow pollen residue has you thinking -- I need a car wash! Pollen is everywhere and most noticeably, our cars. Cool Wave Car Wash is the place to go for your car’s spring cleaning. Cool Wave Car Wash also has a new look for the spring! Same [...]

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Avoid Three Commonly Broken Laws on the Road

  While the drama of high-speed chases make up most of the news and the movies today—case in point, watch for the eighth Fast and Furious movie release in 2017—there are a few less glamorous, but equally important, road laws that people commonly break. As you drive into the New Year, Cool Wave Car Wash is here to help [...]

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4 Ways to Care for and Maintain a Vehicle

To keep your vehicle in good condition, it is important to keep up on vehicle maintenance. Maintaining the exterior and interior of your car by washing it and cleaning it out regularly is a good place to start. Cars need mechanical maintenance as well such as changing fluids and checking tire pressure. Cool Wave Car [...]

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