How Do You Take Care of a Car Battery?

No one wants the expenses of having to tow your car just because of a car battery failure. There are steps to take when caring for your car battery that are important and can keep your battery life longer and give you peace of mind.  How do you take care of a car battery? There [...]

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New Year New Fuel Filter!

Changing the fuel filter is a vital part of the maintenance of your vehicle. To keep your car in peak running condition you should change your fuel filter every 15,000 miles or check the operator's manual for the mileage recommended by the manufacturer. What is a Fuel Filter? Did you know that the gas you [...]

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Free Vacuums at Cool Wave Car Wash

Free Vacuums at Cool Wave Car Wash It's true, complimentary free vacuums are included with your car wash at Cool Wave Car Wash in Poquoson! Our strong professional grade vacuums maintain a constant suction to help you breeze through without the worry of running out of time or destroying a home vacuum not designed for [...]

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Do You Need New Wiper Blades?

Visibility is fundamental to safe driving.  When was the last time you changed your wiper blades?  Summer brings heat and rain which means your wiper blades are exposed to the elements and wear.  It may be time to buy new ones. First, you should pull the windshield wiper blade away from the windshield and inspect [...]

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What a Clean Car Says About You

  What a Clean Car Says About You... A car can speak volumes about the owner.  People who drive clean cars are depicted as people who can manage their tasks in life.  A car is just like a home, an extension of the owner.  Therefore, it is important to maintain your car’s optimum look with [...]

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Tips for Avoiding Rust

To maintain the value of your vehicle, it is critical to keep the exterior of your car free of rust. If you live near the ocean or endure salty roads in the winter, it can increase your vehicle's risk of rusting. Cool Wave Car Wash offers tips this month on how to reduce the likelihood [...]

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Wash your Boat or JetSki at Cool Wave!

Did you know that at Cool Wave, we not only wash cars, but boats and jet skis too? It's true! We can help preserve your boat’s good looks and protect your valuable recreational asset from the unforgiving marine environment. The harsh marine environment can take a toll on your boat or jet ski - causing oxidation and [...]

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The Correct Tire Pressure Is…

What is Tire Pressure? Tire pressure is the measure of the amount of air in a vehicle's tires, in pounds per square inch. For optimum safety, you should check your tires' pressure with a pressure gauge when the tire is cold/undriven, at least monthly. Why is Tire Pressure Important? Having the proper tire pressure is [...]

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Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is truly a beautiful time of the year. The trees turn green again and the flowers start to bloom. Despite all its beauty and wonder, Spring also means the arrival of pollen. Even if you don’t suffer from Spring allergies, the pollen can get messy, especially as you’re getting into and out of your vehicle. [...]

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Three Reasons Why Waxing Your Car is Important

Waxing your car is important to maintain the value and appearance of your vehicle. Keeping wax on your car keeps the dirt off of your paint. Wax acts as a barrier to increase the longevity of your clear coat and finish. Cool Wave Car Wash recommends waxing your car every three months or once a season. [...]

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