The Correct Tire Pressure Is…

What is Tire Pressure? Tire pressure is the measure of the amount of air in a vehicle's tires, in pounds per square inch. For optimum safety, you should check your tires' pressure with a pressure gauge when the tire is cold/undriven, at least monthly. Why is Tire Pressure Important? Having the proper tire pressure is [...]

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Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is truly a beautiful time of the year. The trees turn green again and the flowers start to bloom. Despite all its beauty and wonder, Spring also means the arrival of pollen. Even if you don’t suffer from Spring allergies, the pollen can get messy, especially as you’re getting into and out of your vehicle. [...]

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Three Reasons Why Waxing Your Car is Important

Waxing your car is important to maintain the value and appearance of your vehicle. Keeping wax on your car keeps the dirt off of your paint. Wax acts as a barrier to increase the longevity of your clear coat and finish. Cool Wave Car Wash recommends waxing your car every three months or once a season. [...]

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Are Drive-Through Car Washes Really Safe?

Automatic or drive-through car washes are more popular than ever because they save time and hassle.  Are automatic car washes safe for your car? Studies show they are the "safest" course of action for many car owners who want to keep their car clean. Automatic car washes are often safer for your car's finish than [...]

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The Benefits of a Professional Car Wash

Getting your car cleaned by a professional car wash has numerous benefits. Check out this list to learn why a professional car wash is the best choice! Protect your investment Your car is a big investment; it only makes sense to take good care of it! The better the condition of your vehicle, the higher [...]

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New Years Resolutions for Your Car

It’s that time of year again, when we start making resolutions for the New Year. We vow to do things better than we did the past year. We promise to eat healthier, to spend less money or to quit smoking.  One less common, but easy promise we can make this year is to take better [...]

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4 Tips For Driving in The Rain

Driving is one of those things that when you're first learning it can seem monumental. After you've been doing it for a while, it becomes second nature, but even the most skilled drivers can have difficulty when they're on the roads and the weather turns bad.  If the rain starts coming down while you're behind [...]

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