fuel filter maintenanceChanging the fuel filter is a vital part of the maintenance of your vehicle. To keep your car in peak running condition you should change your fuel filter every 15,000 miles or check the operator’s manual for the mileage recommended by the manufacturer.

What is a Fuel Filter?

Did you know that the gas you pump into your gas tank is full of dirt and particles that don’t belong in your engine? That is why cars have filters, specifically fuel filters, that go in between the gas tank and the fuel injectors. The primary job of the fuel filter is to trap the dirt and particles coming from the tank before it goes into your engine. Under the most optimum conditions, the fuel filter would trap all of the dirt and rust particles allowing a pure stream of fuel to enter the injectors which maximizes the combustion of your engine. When the filter gets dirty, saturated or clogged, the fuel that goes into the injectors will not be pure and the engine combustion will be limited.

Symptoms of a Clogged Fuel Filter

  • Failure to start. If the ignition turns over but the car refuses to start at all, the fuel filter may be clogged.
  • Engine may stall. If you stop at a traffic light and the car stalls, the problem could be a clogged fuel filter. Stalling may happen when driving up an incline or on a steep slope.
  • The engine has decreased power. If your engine responds sluggishly when you step on the gas, or it fails to accelerate at all, you could have a clogged fuel filter. This is a sign that the engine is not getting enough fuel to pick up speed.
  • The engine misfires or idles roughly. If the engine knocks, rattles, shakes or otherwise behaves erratically, it might not be getting enough fuel to operate smoothly and maintain a steady speed. Coughing and jerking are symptoms that the engine is starved for gasoline.

What to do?

The good news is if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you can change your fuel filter and save your engine! The colder winter months are harder on your car than the summer. To make sure your engine is operating at peak performance, schedule a fuel filter change or keep track of your miles so you know when to change the filter. Cool Wave Car Wash would like everyone to start the year off by checking fluid levels, tire pressure and their fuel filter maintenance schedule for optimum engine performance. Cool Wave Car Wash wishes all customers and drivers a Happy and Safe 2016!