cool wave car wash system Getting your car cleaned by a professional car wash has numerous benefits. Check out this list to learn why a professional car wash is the best choice!

Protect your investment
Your car is a big investment; it only makes sense to take good care of it! The better the condition of your vehicle, the higher the resale or trade-in value. Depending upon the vehicle, regular cleaning can equate to thousands of dollars in value. Acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and sun damage are just some of the threats to your car’s condition. Regular car care can help protect one of your biggest investments!  

Protect the environment
Did you know that going to a car wash is better for the environment than washing it at home? When you wash your vehicle at home it can be damaging to the environment and you probably will use an excessive amount of water. The water, along with all of the soaps, cleaners, road grime and oil all filter into the ground and run into the storm system. These waters then flow directly into our lakes, streams and rivers. We filter and treat the water used to wash your vehicle before it is pumped into the city’s sanitary sewer system. This is large investment on our part, but it is the reason why we wash cars without polluting the environment. Professional car washes are the better environmental choice!

Take pride and feel good.
A clean car looks better and communicates pride. Who doesn’t feel better driving a clean car?

Drive safely.
Washing regularly keeps windshields, mirrors and signal lights clean. You will see more of the road, and others will be better able to see you.

Improve fuel economy.
Did you know that the cleaner your car, the less wind resistance? That means better fuel economy.

Save time and money.
Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it in your driveway or at the store buying supplies. Instead, visit a professional car wash and get a great wash, at the right price!

It’s safe for the vehicle.
The world’s automobile manufacturers trust professional car washes with their new vehicles — and so can you. Today’s car wash technology is washing cars more safely and effectively than ever before.

Cool Wave Car Wash is happy to help you with your car care needs! Come see us at our convenient Newport News location, where we are happy to help you keep your car looking great!