avoiding rust car wash Hampton RoadsTo maintain the value of your vehicle, it is critical to keep the exterior of your car free of rust. If you live near the ocean or endure salty roads in the winter, it can increase your vehicle’s risk of rusting. Cool Wave Car Wash offers tips this month on how to reduce the likelihood of your car rusting.

  •  Take it to the Car Wash

Washing your car every two weeks removes the grime, salt, and dirt that can build up on the surface. After the car is clean, it’s recommended that you let it dry in the sun for several hours before returning it to the garage or car port. Clean the inside of your car as well. You should also make sure the undercarriage of your car is clear of dirt and debris. Most of this can be taken care of with our express car wash, which reaches problem areas like your tires, wheel covers, and wheel wells.

  • Keep it Dry

Rust happens when iron is exposed to oxygen and water. During winter, road salt used to treat snow is corrosive to your vehicle. Salt can increase the speed of oxidation causing rust to form quickly. While it is not possible to prevent your car’s exposure to the elements, creating a barrier between the metal surface and environment can prevent the iron from oxidizing.

  •  Waxing

Wax can help create the extra barrier your car needs from the weather. Newer cars, post 1980s, will likely have a clear coating on top of the paint that is made to take a beating from the environment. Adding another protective coating to your vehicle makes it less likely to form rust spots. Waxing should be done about every three to four months.

Cool Wave Car Wash wishes all drivers a safe and happy road experience.  For more information about preventing rust, or washing and waxing your car, please contact us!