CoolWave-Services Box-072913AWhat a Clean Car Says About You…

A car can speak volumes about the owner.  People who drive clean cars are depicted as people who can manage their tasks in life.  A car is just like a home, an extension of the owner.  Therefore, it is important to maintain your car’s optimum look with regards to cleanliness.  While driving a clean car sends a positive message to people, there are also numerous benefits associated with regular car washing.

Benefits of regular car washing

Cool Wave Car Wash is passionate about providing services and products that protect the exterior of your car.  Oxidation is the “damaging” and “drying out” of your vehicles paint caused by atmospheric conditions.  The best ways to prevent oxidation include:

  • Always wash your vehicles at a professional car wash.
  • Add a protective coating of wax or clear coat protectant to your finish a minimum of 3-4 times a year. The most important thing you can do to prevent oxidation besides washing, is to protect the paint you presently have with a protective coating. A good protective coating will act as a barrier-film that will prevent moisture from coming into direct contact with your paint.
  • Whenever possible, park under cover.
  • Regular car washing not only enhances the car’s appearance, but it can increase the car’s lifespan by washing away particles that cause corrosion and rusting.

Benefits of interior cleaning

While the exterior of your car is what most people see, the interior of your car is likely to reflect your personal organization.  It is beneficial to clean out the clutter on a regular basis to prevent trash from running under your pedals while driving.

  • Our vacuum and detail centers are available for you to put the finishing touches on your clean, shiny vehicle. The vacuum centers are equipped with high-powered vacuums and the detail centers are equipped with high-powered vacuums, spot remover/shampoo machine and fragrance machine.

Come by Cool Wave Car Wash and give yourself the gift of a clean car.  Don’t forget Father’s Day is right around the corner and how much Dad would love a shiny, uncluttered ride to work.