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Cool Wave Car Wash
Bobby and Stephanie

Discover the Story Behind Cool Wave Car Washes

Cool Wave Car Wash is the culmination of Bobby Willis’s passion for the car wash industry, a venture he passionately leads with the unwavering support of his wife, Stephanie.

Bobby’s journey began on the scenic shores of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, where his youthful enthusiasm for art and literature led to numerous accolades. He was known for his creative zest, which included crafting miniature battleships with his friends, bringing history to life in the peaceful waters of Hatteras Village.

Transitioning from his academic pursuits, Bobby entered the car wash industry with a multifaceted approach, involving sales, installation, and the production of equipment. His decade-long experience with diverse companies carved out his reputation as an innovator with an acute attention to detail. This expertise was further refined through work experiences with car wash owners and manufacturers worldwide.

The year 2003 saw the first milestone with the opening of the initial Cool Wave Car Wash in Newport News, VA. This marked the beginning of a series of expansions, leading to the establishment of Cool Wave Self-Service Car Washes, Cool Wave Express Car Washes, and eventually the signature Cool Wave WashPlex.

After seven years of persistence and commitment, Cool Wave WashPlex stands as a testament to Bobby’s vision, receiving glowing feedback for its creativity and quality.

Cool Wave WashPlex, along with its extensions, epitomizes more than a service — it represents a dream realized through the dedication of a family.

With Bobby and Stephanie at the forefront, we look forward to continuing to offer innovative and engaging experiences in car care. We invite you to join our journey and become an integral part of the Cool Wave family’s story.

We are more than just a car wash; it’s a dream nurtured by a family’s passion and dedication. With Bobby and Stephanie at the helm, we can’t wait to continue creating exciting experiences and innovations for you. Join us on this extraordinary journey and be a part of our ever-growing WashPlex family.

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